About CuriousCascade

We write about recent research that caught our attention and interview the researchers. We explore the implications of their work, how the idea came about or ask them more about the tests they did. Through this we hope to uncover something about the scientific process and reveal what makes science such a fascinating journey for many of us.

The People behind CuriousCascade

Mishmi Takin

Mishmi Takin (Chitra) likes to write about science when she is not hunting for pathogens.


Vidushaka (Anagh) is a ardent believer in the critical role of science education in shaping rational thought.


Anirban stresses plants and stresses over stressed plants. He has an uncanny knack of predicting the fate of a scientific study (read, stellar or bogus)


SuchiMukhi (Shambhavi) describes herself as a  friend, teacher, volunteer, entrepreneur and scientist. In that order. She enjoys science and would like everyone to have access to do so too.


Megha studies how nutrition influences the development of fruit flies.