Jagdish Chaturvedi talks about making medical devices in India

Making Medical Devices

Here is a recoding of a conversation with Dr.  Jagdish Chaturvedi, a young doctor and entrepreneur who has made several medical devices.  He talks about his experiences in the MedTech industry and we explore the opportunities and challenges for young people in this domain.

Jagdish  is an ENT surgeon, who has invented/ co-invented about 14 medical devices. In 2016, he was named in the MIT  35 Innovators under 35 list. He is part of InAccel, a MedTech company.  More about him on his website : http://jagdishchaturvedi.com

Here is what we spoke about 

What exactly is Medtech? Does it fall within biotech or is it the other way around?

What are the companies in this space internationally and in India? Are they mature companies or start-ups- Gives you an opportunity to talk about InAccel
Who is investing in this space and what are the major concerns the investors have? What are the major challenges – and id you start from an idea when do you become profitable?
What are the kinds of products you make and the people you hire for making them?
 Do you hire science graduates? If yes, then what is the pay structure like?
What is the biggest skill deficit that you see? How do you think this can be fixed?
Is being in MedTech a viable career in India? How can someone who is just out of college get into this space? How many jobs does the sector actually have?
You were part of the first batch of the Stanford Biodesign program, how did that prepare you for making medical devices in India? What did it not teach you?
You trained as an ENT surgeon. Do you still get to practice? What have been the opportunity costs for you to be on the path that you are on? How have people reacted to your unconventional choices, particularly in the professional space?